Texas Surface Ownership Lawyer

July 5, 2022

There are two ways in which you can own land in Texas. The first is surface ownership and the second is mineral rights. Both of these can be owned by the same individual or they can be shared. Ownership can also be severed.

While mineral rights allow a person to own the resources that are below the surface of the land, surface ownership rights grant ownership of the property’s surface itself. Do you feel as though your surface ownership rights have been violated? Contact a Houston Oil and Gas Lawyer from Herring Law Firm today.

I’m a Surface Owner. How Do I Protect My Rights?

Most surface ownership disputes arise regarding the use of the land, such as development projects and mineral exploration. Many of these disputes occur between the surface owner and the mineral owner. If you are a surface owner and your goals conflict with the individual with mineral rights, make sure you know what your rights are regarding the following:

  • Protection during drilling and production
  • Water resources
  • Other available resources necessary for oil and gas production
  • Operations conducted on the leased premises
  • Restoration of property after exploration / production

Herring Law Firm can provide a Houston Oil and Gas Attorney with the knowledge and experience you need to protect your rights. Attorney Mason Herring knows the law and can help you understand your rights, as well as fight tirelessly to defend those rights. Give the firm a call today!

Houston Oil & Gas Lawyer: Dedicated to You

As a surface owner, you have the option to sell or lease your surface ownership rights. Depending on the terms of your lease or sale agreement, you could claim full ownership, severed ownership, or shared ownership of the surface of a property. Learn more about surface ownership and how it can impact your rights as a property owner.

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